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OSRSwitcher is free to use. Free users are able to create 1 profile with 1 switch. To create more than 1 profiles and switches a subscription is required.

How it works


Create an account

Create a free account by clicking on the link in the top right corner.


Create a profile

Once you are logged in, set up your settings on the "Account" page. Add a profile by clicking on the green button in the top right corner. Then you can edit the profile and add switches to it.


Start switching

Download the required software on the download page when you're logged in. Once you have the software run your RuneScape client and log in. Then start our software and log in. Select your profile and press start!


All Features OSRSwitcher has to offer. OSRSwitcher has regular updates so the list can change or be incomplete when new features are implemented into the software.


We've put together a small demonstration to show the OSRSwitcher in action. The following versions are in normal speed.

Auto switcher
Switch items & prayers
Track items
Track items in inventory
Auto special attack
Use Special Attack
Auto prayer flicking
Move while prayer flicking
OSRSwitcher setup
User friendly setup
OSRSwitcher items
Choose from 100s of items

for €7,99 €4,99/month

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Subscriptions go for €7,99 €4,99/month, €23,99 €13,49/ 3 months, and €149,99 €69,99/ LIFETIME

  • check iconMake PvP and PvM easy
  • check iconCreate unlimited profiles
  • check iconCreate unlimited switches
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Talk to staff or other people who use OSRSwitcher in our discord channel. Ask questions, post ideas, or talk about something else.